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ePhoto 10 X 20 Large White Muslin Support Stands 3 Point Continuous Video Photography Studio Hair Lighting Kit H9004SB-1020W

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  • Ideal for portraits, studio, photography and video
  • Soften lighting with soft box
  • Easy to control your lights with ON/OFF switch.
  • Set up in minutes to offer you a professional result.
  • Brand New with Carrying Case

This studio portrait video lighting Kit is easy to use and setup. These lights work great with digital DSLR cameras. It is ideal for all level photographers. It is a complete continuous lighting system, background support stands and muslin backdrops for your to set up your studio. You could use them in the studio photography or videography as well as on location projects. This lighting kit is the most affordable kit on the market today. IT is compatible with any camera on the market today like Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus and more.

This Lighting Kit Includes:

1 x Background stand 8ft height 10 ft wide 4 sections

2 x 20×30″ soft boxes for 4-socket

2 x 4-socket lamp

8 x 45W bulb 5500K

2 x 7ft light stand

1 x 6.9ft boom stand

1 x EZ softbox

1 x 105W bulb

1 x cross bar, sandbag

1 x 10 x20′ White backdrop

1 x carrying case

Get cheap


Written by starkrobin19

May 21, 2013 at 5:26 am

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